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Last night, after class, I got a knitting compliment!  From a non-knitter no less.  The lady made my day when she said she liked my yoga bag, and then asked the best open-ended question ever… “Where did you get it?”  Answer is the truth:  I made it!  That led to a nice little conversation with me totally faking humility.  She gushed about the colours.  She said I could sell them.  Happy, happy, joy, joy…

It was my first ‘Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation’ project/ yarn-over attempt.  As I later found out from chatting on Knitty, the book’s directions for YO were misleading.  Extra laciness resulted but I really like the effect.  Here are some pics I took this morning:

Yoga bag - mat in

Yoga bag - mat in

Yoga bag - stitch detail

Yoga bag - stitch detail

This was from my Yarn Boutique days, and Margaret helped me to get the 2 colours to make up the required yardage.  I was so nervous, I even asked if she liked the colours together… she drew the line there, and let me decide.  Baby steps…

Some housekeeping:  last night I was playing in the blog’s dashboard, and realized there were no widgets.  Since I have seen the sidebars everytime I looked at the site, I thought that was how it looked.  Now, I’m worried it was all blank to visitors… Still trying to get the knack of wordpress here!  My apologies if it was hopelessly bare!  I’ll be working on this some more too.

Author: iriegemini

Lara is originally from Jamaica, living in the Greater Toronto Area with N, and a cat, Melvin. She knits, spins, weaves, and is a chatterbox on all of the above. Lara's journey began as a young girl with her Grandmother's cross-stitch embroidery stash & blessing.

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