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Friday, at last

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This was one long, emotional week.  I’m glad to see the back of it.

My great-aunt Gloria passed away, Monday morning.  I tried writing about her but it felt hollow.  Even talking felt the same.  I haven’t known her in my working or married life but she was a God-send in the months before I sat A’Levels.  I forget how it came to pass but she flew to Jamaica, and stayed with us several weeks to tutor me English.

She had taught A’Level English many years.  So long that she tutored my Mother (favourite neice status), and by a twist of fate even taught my Father for a few months while their teacher Father HoLung traveled to China unexpectedly in the term.  In his day she was fierce – all 5 feet some inches of her.  The story is that Gloria arrived, wrote her name on the chalkboard, turned around and imperiously asked the class of Henry VII, “And what does Bradley have to say about this?”  A.C. Bradley was not a known entity to the boys, and Gloria went to each one with a withering cross-examination.  As an aside:  Father HoLung left teaching and in 1981 he founded Missionaries of the Poor in downtown Kingston, Jamaica.

It will feel empty to write more.  She was an amazing woman, and my Mother’s role model for pursuing a working life.  She also wrote beautifully.

In all of the emotion, I have decided to put the baby cardigan down for now.  I was forcing myself to finish it now.  That’s not the spirit in which it was started, so I clearly need a break.  The Baby Bamboo set nicely when blocked, by the way.  I’m finding it’s not a bad choice for this pattern after all.  It only has 20%  wool but that must be what did well with the blocking.  I soaked each piece in water, rolled each in a towel, and blocked out on our guest bed.  I have plenty more to switch into, and besides – the child isn’t even due yet.

That decision taken, I am moving into the silk shrug idea.  This will be my most complex yarn improv to date.  The plan is to use this lace-weight doubled.  The low-tech way would be to use my ruler and measure out even yardage.  As much as I love winding balls by hand, and such, I figure that counting off 300 yards of thin silk yarn could drive me up the wall (so to speak).  I’ve sat with my copy of Knitting Rules by the Yarn Harlot, and have shifted the plan.  Instead of a digital scale, I am out to get a yarn meter.  Fingers are crossed that LYS carries those… I have a vague idea about heading to Toronto if that fails…  My thinking is that a meter will be very useful in terms of using my leftover yarns.

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Lara lives in the Greater Toronto Area with N, their young son, T, and Melly cat. Starting with knitting as a newcomer from Kingston, Jamaica, Lara learned to spin, prepare fibre, dye & weave. A spindle is usually close to hand.

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