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Happy Cinco de Mayo!  My cousin & an old friend were both born May 5th, so it’s always been an auspicious day.  Hope they have a good one.

I’m still on my yarn shop exploring kick.  Tried 2 yesterday but they were both closed.  That’s cool – gives them back a 2 day weekend from the looks of their business hours.  Lettuce Knit is the only yarn store I go to in the GTA that is open Sundays.  When I have worked, Sunday was really the only day I was semi-relaxed enough to shop.  I was commuting east, and never could dream of making it back to our town before shops closed.  Harried existence that.  I’m slowly trying to come out of that head space & look around.

My fall planting is now paying off:

Hyacinth survives the rabbits
Hyacinth survives the rabbits

Am off to change (shirt annoyingly short) and run to an early appointment.  Hope 090505 is a good one for ya!

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Lara is a spinner, knitter, natural dyer, parent abandoning a certain fear of weaving. Jamaican-Canadian; she/her in the Greater Toronto Area; we have a Jellicle cat, Melvin & a Double Doodle, Spark. A spindle is usually close to hand!

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