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My batch of knitting projects was overwhelming at one point but now I feel like a regular pro rolling out all these FOs!  I wore my socks through the cold snap & finally took pictures of them.  Yeah, and I know they are pretty hokey as pictures go… What can I say –  it was a busy morning!

Denim socks knit plain
Denim socks knit plain

Feet are propped on our Rubbermaid step stool.  Not sure what exactly I was thinking there.  And another:

Top down view for top down socks:)
Top down view for top down socks:)

As soon as the 2nd sock was off the needles & kitchenered shut, I jumped into making the Sarah Tank Top by Christine Buhagiar on Knitting for Boozehags.  You can find her pattern here for free. The idea was to use my stashed 200g of Estelle raw silk yarn.  It was also my instant project for showing up at the Burlington Pub Night.  The pattern was in queue with size & yarn adjustments, so I figured I was on safe ground.

Well, I don’t know about you all but my instant projects always have 1 or 2 froggings in store for me.   This one was no different.  I did screw up the courage to join the Pub Night, and the ladies gave me a warm welcome.  It turned out my inviter couldn’t make it, so they must have been surprised to have a stranger drop in like that!  First frogging was at the Pub Night.  It was a silly mistake – I had twisted the first round when joining it together.  After a few inches of pushing things around, I accepted facts and frogged.  In the re-do, I realized that the scallop repeat was not working.  That took some hard thinking but I finally realized the instructions were to start with three p2togethers, then do five repeats of k1 yo, followed by six p2togs.  With that learning curve climbed, I got to knit like a maniac.  Good way to spend the Victoria Day long weekend.

The pattern is only for a medium, so I sized it down to a small, and added some waist shaping thanks to the formula in my copy of Stich ‘N Bitch Nation.  The rest of the pattern was all well & good but I was short on yarn.  So, it ended up being a Skimpy Sarah Tank Top.  For starters, I nixed the upper back body.  Then I chopped the upper bodice, and it evolved into a criss crossed i-cord strappy tank top.  It looked cute on before blocking.  Here she is pinned and drying:

Skimpy Sarah Tank Top

It’s hard to see but I did keep the pattern’s scallop detail under the bustline.  With luck I’ll be wearing this in Houston & all summer long!  Does this make me a boozehag?

Hubby is extremely pleased to throw the manual lawn mower to the back of the shed.  He was the laughing stock of our sub-urban neighbourhood.  Every guy on our street offered their mower to him at one point or another…  One went so far as to say, “There are easier ways to get exercise!”   We went with a corded electric model that mulches.  Believe you me our back yard has not looked this good in 3 years!  I spent a fair chunk of time weeding, and also planted out the Easter hydrangea.  We now have 3 hydrangea along that side of the fence.

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