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I took an executive decision on the whole baby gift quandry.  The first try was very pink, and not without some flaws.  Very tough to nix it though.  It was almost done!  Ultimately, the pinkness is what did it in.  Baby Momma may have been kidding but she clearly said not to go with girly colours.

The second try will be another Louisa Harding pattern from “Natural Knits for Babies & Moms.”  The kimono in a soft lime green.  Here are the beginnings of a kimono in context:

Baby Kimono for suspected girl

Baby Kimono for suspected girl

I have a good feeling about this.  For one thing, it’s less ambitious and closer to the kind of friendship I have with the parents.  I need straightforward – the baby is due any day  now.

For another thing, I have finally realized something very important.  This lovely Sirdar Snuggly Bamboo Yarn is not a perfect match for the pattern yarn.  Really hanging my head in shame here.  In my mad rush, I didn’t see the row is 2 stitches off-gauge.  No big deal.  This time around I’ll just adjust the rows.  So, I apologize to Ms. Harding for having doubted the soundness of her cardi design.  Mea culpa!  Mea maxima culpa!

Yes, I do have a tough head.

It may not be carry-onable for our trip this week.  The needles are metal.  In our post-9/ 11 world that is scary stuff.  Here’s my excuse to scratch the sock itch:)

Author: iriegemini

Lara is originally from Jamaica, living in the Greater Toronto Area with N, and a cat, Melvin. She knits, spins, weaves, and is a chatterbox on all of the above. Lara's journey began as a young girl with her Grandmother's cross-stitch embroidery stash & blessing.

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