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Another pictureless post

My ankle is in no rush to heal.  At least the pain has largely subsided, and I’m learning how to get comfy for hours at a stretch… That and my hopping skills seem to have improved.

DH is coming home early to take me for X-Rays and a fracture boot.  The doctor promises said boot will help me to get around.  Let’s hope so.  MIL arrives this Sunday for her visit.  Right.  Well, DH may be many things but domestically inclined, he is not!

Yesterday, I had a stretch of good knitting while semi-watching Wimbledon.  My camera is waaaay upstairs, so any pics will be posted later on.  I’m almost finished the back piece.  In between blazing up the Ravelry Big 6 boards, I checked out some project notes for this Silk Cocoon Cardi.  There were some beautiful FOs & interesting notes.  My chief worry has been the 1/2 inch curl at the bottom edge.  I am assured it stays flat after blocking.  Phew.

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Accidents happen

Tennis got the better of me on Friday.  I took a nasty fall on the court.  There I was running then reaching for the ball, I must have jumped.  Nice twist mid-air, and I came crashing down on the right ankle.  Ouch!  It’s totally sprained.  I managed the walk home, stubborn ox that I am but have been laid-up since.

DH has been great – making & serving meals; wrapping the foot (with & without moans); dispensing sprain wisdom, etc.  The other person in our house is Toby the dog, aka DP.  He’s very, very concerned.  Perturbed even.  It’s the sight of me hopping about that seems to distress him the most.  I am happy to say the Tobester has barely budged from his bedside station all weekend.

Neither DH nor DP was happy when I hop-tripped & fell last night.  D__n skirt!  It was all good though – I had enough sense to fall on my left side.  Thankfully it’s getting better now.  I can put some weight on the foot, and most of the swelling has gone down.  It’s just sore & bruised.  I did take a pic but it’s ridiculous to post.  Just imagine a reddish, slightly swollen ankle & there you have it!

So what have I been doing?  Finished reading “Rob Roy” by Sir Walter Scott.  It’s a great read but Sir Walter wasn’t holding back on the Scottish words, sayings or lore.  It takes lots of pausing to go to his glossaries & appendices.  When downstairs, I’m knitting up the back piece of the Silk Cocoon Cardi.  It’s not showy.  Just rows of plain knitting.  Again, not quite picture-worthy.  I thought the Silk & Alpaca yarn would be a dream but it’s not exactly.  I’m undecided because rows of knit then purl are ipso facto dead boring.  Just saying.

We had to laugh – this 1 weekend when I’m out of commission, we had 3 invites for Saturday night!  One was from Eden’s parents – her baby gift seems to have gone over better than I thought!!

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Gift given

My baby gift was a hit!  Eden’s Momma was very appreciative, and was calling it my ‘handiwork.’  All those fears were silly.  Good thing because another gift is in order for a Very Important Baby who is due this November… Eden is a darling little thing, and it was a lovely visit.

Pub Night was also a lot of fun.  Less people came out, which was cool because there was just 1 conversation going.  As Mel said, what don’t we talk about on Pub Nights?  It’s knitting in public at its best.  Esp. for a shy one like me.

Gotta run – have agreed to another game of tennis.  The motivation to say yes came on Wednesday.  I pulled out a fav. summer skirt, and pressed it. That was all well & good but it’s tighter than tight.

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Full day ahead

Eden’s baby kimono is wrapped & ready to go!  She’s 3 weeks old now, and I’m hoping to go meet her this afternoon.  Of course, I’m pretty nervous about this but no backing out now… I did my best on this one.

I took the pic out on our back patio.  The poinsettia was from this Christmas but the other pots are newly planted.  All part of the Beautification Project.  There’s a growing clamour for us to throw a BBQ this summer & well, it is summer now.  The tall terra cotta pot has 6 or 7 mint plants that were supermarket-bought sprigs who smiled on my efforts.  Auntie G the Master Gardener has advised, and hopefully they will fill out the pot soon.  As for what I’d do with so much mint?  Not too sure!  The patio table is also full of my other containers.  Quite proud of this all.  Two paragraphs later… the picture:

Edens baby kimono - wrapped & in good company

Eden's baby kimono - wrapped & in good company

Tonight’s also Knit Night at the Pub.  It’s interesting to be in any post-high-school group much less a group of knitters.  The shorty socks are still where they were at my last posting (more or less) but I’m taking the birthday yarn.   The pattern calls for a fraction in the gauge.  Try as I might, I couldn’t get it exact.  I have 26 stitches per 4″ rather than 25.5 stitches.  Been down this sweater road enough times to know that will make a difference.

Here’s where it’s at.  The edge is curling.  I do like the Blue Sky Alpaca Silk yarn very much.  The skein’s label says, “polished sheen & sumptuous handle.”  It’s pretty cool but that may be overstating it a tad.    For tonight, it’s a good take-along.  Just plain stockinette stitch with some shaping to be done now.

First bit of Cocoon Cardi - yes, it curls.

First bit of Cocoon Cardi - yes, it curls.

Also shown are my 2 fav stitch markers.  The sheep is from Knitty’s store & the blue bead is from Lettuce Knit.  Makers unknown.

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Walk good

Last week the ace revolutionary bookstore, Babylon Falling, closed its doors in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district.  It was 2 years & a week strong.  Owner Sean Stewart has shared his thoughts on the financial, systemic & personal factors that lead to the store’s closing.  It is a powerful read & I won’t go into paraphrasis here.

I’m not de-linking BF just yet.  Sean has plenty of material that he may be putting on the blog.  Some things are more than bricks & mortar.

Here’s an example of Sean as the curatorial bookseller.  It’s from the Owner’s Choice package he put together for me:

At the end of daybreak this land without a stele, these paths without memory, these winds without a tablet.

So what?

We would tell.  Would sing.  Would howl.

Full voice, ample voice, you would be our wealth, our spear pointed.

Aime Cesaire, Notebook of a Return to the Native Land, p.17

As we say back home – Walk Good.

At the end of daybreak, Jamaica

At the end of daybreak, Jamaica

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Birthday love or converting the fam

Mamacita came up for my birthday & what a week we’ve had!  Toby for one has been in 7th heaven with all the attention, and I got spoiled rotten.   For all the lovely treats this gift was the best:  a sweater’s-worth of yarn!  It’s the same colour of our (now fading) clematis:

Blue Sky Alpacas Silk & clematis petals

Blue Sky Alpacas Silk & clematis petals.

It was pouring rain but she insisted we go to a Toronto YS for my gift.  No brainer for me – Lettuce Knit!  Now Mom is not a crafty soul.  She’s the consumate intellectual.  Knitting (and mine in particular) perplexes her no end.  So you have to understand this gift was an act of love.  I’m not exactly the swiftest of foot in a YS.  She had a look, and then just quietly stood by the door as I did my thing.

These 8 skeins are gonna become Connie Chang Chinchcio’s Silk Cocoon Cardigan:

Knits Spring 09 pattern spread for Cocoon cardi

Knits' Spring '09 pattern spread for Cocoon cardi

I’m cardigan challenged, so the wrap construction is right up my alley.  I figure it’ll be great for the fall.  The yarn is equal parts alpaca & silk – both are warm and cozy.

Reading Knitty last week had me itching for some Jennie the Potter goodness.  Hubby was open to my gift idea but had a pained look that said he had a cunning plan already.  Now, LK was out of the coveted mugs but I grabbed this:

Red Knit pendant, Jennie the Potter

Red Knit pendant, Jennie the Potter

Please don’t think less of me for that wall colour.  I didn’t paint it!  Yes, it’s gotta go!  Just using for contrast in the pic.

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First ever baby gift – check!

Eden’s Kimono is all done!  I actually finished this on Thursday but couldn’t resist posting a Garden of Eden pic…  The rain cleared up yesterday, so there you have it:

Edens Kimono ready for gifting!

Eden's Kimono ready for gifting!

The actual girl pattern calls for picot on all edges.  I just didn’t want to get caught up doing that level of detail, so only did the neckline in full picot glory.  Aren’t those buttons darling?

Since this was just about finished, I took my Seduction Sock to Knit Night on Wednesday.  The group was smaller but just as friendly.  I got some good tips from ‘toomanyprojects’ and lots of laughs.  Soon after I arrived, a group of seniors came in.  One lady made a beeline to ‘ritaknitting’s sock and announced to the table, “I love knitters!”  Every lady in the group made her way over, and I wondered if they were going to ditch the men and join us!  As for my sock, the heel is turned, and I am onto the foot pattern:

Smallscale Seduction Sock - well heeled!

Smallscale Seduction Sock - well heeled!

Even with my mods, I have the right amount of stitches for the foot pattern.  It’s an 8 + 5 pattern repeat.  This yarn has already gone towards my knitting edumacation.  Remember the needle sock?

Single purpose sock - it warms my needles hearts

Single purpose sock - it warms my needles' hearts

I won’t frog that lesson-in-gauge for love or money.  Mentioning this because now that I am going round & round for the 1st foot, I am starting to worry about yardage!

Last night DH gave me the best knitting compliment.  Out of the clear blue.  He said that he thinks I am talented, and should keep learning more.  He’s a keeper!