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First ever baby gift – check!

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Eden’s Kimono is all done!  I actually finished this on Thursday but couldn’t resist posting a Garden of Eden pic…  The rain cleared up yesterday, so there you have it:

Edens Kimono ready for gifting!

Eden's Kimono ready for gifting!

The actual girl pattern calls for picot on all edges.  I just didn’t want to get caught up doing that level of detail, so only did the neckline in full picot glory.  Aren’t those buttons darling?

Since this was just about finished, I took my Seduction Sock to Knit Night on Wednesday.  The group was smaller but just as friendly.  I got some good tips from ‘toomanyprojects’ and lots of laughs.  Soon after I arrived, a group of seniors came in.  One lady made a beeline to ‘ritaknitting’s sock and announced to the table, “I love knitters!”  Every lady in the group made her way over, and I wondered if they were going to ditch the men and join us!  As for my sock, the heel is turned, and I am onto the foot pattern:

Smallscale Seduction Sock - well heeled!

Smallscale Seduction Sock - well heeled!

Even with my mods, I have the right amount of stitches for the foot pattern.  It’s an 8 + 5 pattern repeat.  This yarn has already gone towards my knitting edumacation.  Remember the needle sock?

Single purpose sock - it warms my needles hearts

Single purpose sock - it warms my needles' hearts

I won’t frog that lesson-in-gauge for love or money.  Mentioning this because now that I am going round & round for the 1st foot, I am starting to worry about yardage!

Last night DH gave me the best knitting compliment.  Out of the clear blue.  He said that he thinks I am talented, and should keep learning more.  He’s a keeper!

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Lara lives in the Greater Toronto Area with N, their young son, T, and Melly cat. Starting with knitting as a newcomer from Kingston, Jamaica, Lara learned to spin, prepare fibre, dye & weave. A spindle is usually close to hand.

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