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Cardigans will be Cardigans

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I am fighting an urge to go back to knitting my sock.  Truthfully, I am fighting a couple of urges but let’s talk about the knitterly ones.  A sock is something I know I can make true-to-pattern or not.  It fits at the end of the day – either me or inanimate objects that could use bundling.  My sock-in-progress is at an easy round & round stage…

The sudden sock love was brought on by cardigan troubles.  The design is to taper down the front tops keeping the rows of ‘cocoons’ true.  And man do those cocoons stand out in the  sea of plain old stockinette.  Waves of sock urges came as I had to frog the left top front and have at it a 2nd time.  I got it only to realize that I over-tapered by a good 10 stitches.  Here’s what I have fudged up to solve that leetle problemo:

Up to the front left shoulder now - Purple Cocoon Cardi

Up to the front left shoulder now - Purple Cocoon Cardi

This photo came out remarkably purple!

Now for the right side, which has to match yonder left side.  Cardigans are a trip.  Even wrap cardigans it turns out.

My foot is getting better.  In a fit of cabin fever, I sneaked out into the back yard yesterday.  It’s a deep (and crooked) step down but I was fine.  The plants are thriving thanks to the week of rainy, cool weather.  I even have a sweet pea flower!  Will there be tomatoes?  The 3 baby plants are growing fast.  The Globe & Mail ran a story yesterday by Gayla Trail.  It was, “A word to the water-wise:  Irrigate well & often.”  Clipped and saved that beaut.

Just before the Wimbledon mens’ final… we have new neighbours.  I didn’t get to say goodbye to our old ones.  They were pretty cool.  The only problem I had was a pile of cigarette butts that came out in the spring thaw.  Right beside the fence.  A first in 3 years, so I’m guessing a daughter took up the habit this winter.  I was debating how to handle this when out came the For Sale sign.  Issue averted but they were friendly and cool.

My whispery footnote:  MIL seems to have postponed her trip a few days.  Quiet, private sigh of relief.  Needs more time to sort the house y’know.

Author: iriegemini

Lara is originally from Jamaica, living in the Greater Toronto Area with N, and a cat, Melvin. She knits, spins, weaves, and is a chatterbox on all of the above. Lara's journey began as a young girl with her Grandmother's cross-stitch embroidery stash & blessing.

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