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We caught Julie & Julia this afternoon.  I went assuming that Julie’s Little Blog that Could would be the dominant story line.  I have to be the exact demographic for that, right?  Well, hands down, the life & times of Julia Child half is what made this movie for me.  Meryl Streep & Stanley Tucci were head & shoulders above the other actors, and they both delivered wonderful performances.  DH agreed, and we laughed over the best lines at lunch.

I am not sure what made the Julie Powell half so underwhelming.  I did have a hard time taking her character seriously after she went to work with a little strawberry pin on her shirt.  She was an almost-30 year old New Yorker… riiight.  She also seemed way, way too  enmeshed in Julia Child.  What with wearing the pearls, etc., I was a little creeped out.  I also wondered if she really only blogged for the 1 year.  It may have been totally ” ingenious” – to quote Sony’s featured blogger – but was that really it?

Before I run downstairs to knit, I have my own true story to relate.

As you may know, our lawn was fairly well overgrown.  It went un-mowed for a good 5 weeks what with the constant weekend rain, my bum ankle, and our dear house-guest.  I didn’t give a rat’s ass about the lawn, and (less of a stretch) neither did DH.

That’s all behind us now, and DH has done his suburban duty.  The grass is neatly cut.  Only to reveal what looked like rabbit fur to me.  I knelt down, and saw it looked like fur used in an old bird’s nest or something.  I gently lifted the thatch of grass and fur.  There was an animal inside!  Curled up with brown fur… Yikes.  Now, I realize that it’s the same exact spot where the wild rabbit always seems to taunt Toby.  The next morning, I found:

It decamped.  I am very sorry for the disturbance…  Here’s the hole’s cover some ways off:

Not even tempted to fiber-gather now.  I went looking on the internet, and have figured out this must be a rabbit forme.  Which is to say his/ her summer lair.  Apparently the larger warren is only used during the winter.  It’s decamped but fine.  Just yesterday, he taunted Toby into a chase again.

Since Toby has a rather large cataract, & lost half of his teeth last year besides, that rabbit is safe.  And he/ she knows it.

Author: iriegemini

Lara is originally from Jamaica, living in the Greater Toronto Area with N, and a cat, Melvin. She knits, spins, weaves, and is a chatterbox on all of the above. Lara's journey began as a young girl with her Grandmother's cross-stitch embroidery stash & blessing.

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