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We hear you, Usain!

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Can I just say Happy Belated Birthday to Usain St. Leo Bolt?!  Keep sprinting my yout!

The Daily Gleaner’s on-line edition ran a Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) article today that quotes Usain on his main goal:

I keep telling you – my main (goal) is to become a legend. That’s the aim for me and that’s what I’m working on.

Alrighty then!  Seems that Usain doesn’t think he needs a new goal…  Friends & family tell us how absolutely electric the Championship has been for the island.  From strength to strength!

I have barely touched my knitting since Pub Night on Wednesday.  There’s just been no time.  I dropped everything (blog included) to put my house in order.  My ankle decided to make simple cleaning difficult, so everything took forever to get done.

It was a matter of killing 2 occasions with 1 stone.  I was getting ready for an old high school girlfriend’s visit but also for my cousin & her BF who are stopping by for dinner on Sunday.  In my world comprehensive housework gets done for concrete reasons & concrete reasons alone.  Barring that I keep it basic & other fun things like knitting precedence.  Anyhow, with some pacing things got clean & tidy in time for my early bird girlfriend!  We had a lovely day together & I’m very happy that I got out of the old tired lunch-in-the-city mentality.  You know:  sit, eat, chat, kiss kiss.

So nice to have a good friend around.  Toby was a brat for a long while but he eventually figured out that my friend loves dogs – even bratty ones!  Let’s hope he got that out of his system.  The cousins are not quite as dog tolerant as this friend.

Since the tank top is still a thin circle of red yarn, I’ll wait to post a progress pic.  Instead, I give you a page from my 2009 Slingshot organizer:

Top right:  In Knit we Trust

Top right: In Knit we Trust

After their welcome essay, the Slingshhot Collective adds:

Anti-Copyright.  Borrow whatever you want.  We did.

Gotta love that.  So, feel free to pay that one forward.  You can find the radicals over here.  The About page is worth a read.  Now if the radicals know that in Knit we Trust, they are definitely onto something!

All of which is to drop a heavy hint in Brother Man’s general direction… a 2010 Slingshot Organizer would be appreciated!

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Lara lives in the Greater Toronto Area with N, their young son, T, and Melly cat. Starting with knitting as a newcomer from Kingston, Jamaica, Lara learned to spin, prepare fibre, dye & weave. A spindle is usually close to hand.

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