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Day Tripping

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It may be chilly but the sun is still shining in these parts!  The whole plan to use every second of summery weather for my wool prep. hasn’t taken off – yet.  What happened is that I went into Toronto yesterday for a v. important document.   The ulterior motive was to hit up Romni Wools for a book on spinning.

The day started with a leetle shock – someone swooped my parking spot at the train station!  Unbelievable.  We are new to having a reserved (i.e., paid) spot.  These lots are more than overcrowded.  Even paid spots are scarce the waiting list is 1 year long.   The someone who swooped my spot drives a luxury sedan.  A fact that was not lost on me as I had to deal with their case…  Good thing I had time to spare.  My ankle does not do running anymore/ yet…

It was a good day away from the cares of house guests.  In the cool morning my Aestlight shawl kept the chill off beautifully.  I got my document first, and then went into a Starbucks.  It’s a tony part of town that Rosedale.  Starbucks was busy but I got a table.  Man, the conversations around me & my sock knitting were something else!  Overheard without trying:

  1. An older man related a touching story about his family split during WW2 after fleeing Ukraine for Canada.  After a lifetime apart, the long-lost cousins recently make contact.  He really had me going.  Yeah, cousins all named after them for their charmed existence  here in Canada.  I nearly gave him an, “Awww.”  Except the story changes, and dude is edgy about the relatives.  They are maybe too needy.  It was all I could do to keep from dropping a DPN.  He out & out says that yes, they bear the family resemblance but it’s time to detach.   His Dad always said they left for a reason & must live the good life now.  In the same voice as before, dude muses that he lived his whole life without knowing them.  In the next breath, he went into his Christian denomination. Nice, eh?
  2. The 2 women right beside me gossiped about their ministry jobs.  Seriously, ladies, it isn’t code if you use names!

I left the people-watching, packed in the sock & went on an epic walk.  Epic enough to give me a blister.  I did make it over to Romni’s pre-blister.  There I found the book to ground me in the spinning – Maggie Casey’s  “Start Spinning – Everything you need to Know to Make Great Yarn:”

Already I can tell we won’t have a repeat of my first winding off disaster… And now I can fix the disaster too!  The internet has been great for showing me the basics but I needed a hard copy with pictures to go any farther.

While there, I had to get some Rowan Calmer.  I have a library copy of Amy R. Singer’s “No Sheep for You,” and am intrigued.  The idea is to see if this will be a better choice for Sierra’s care package.  I do realize that it’s not machine washable.  That’s a big draw-back.  On the other hand, some babies are allergic to wool…  I will swatch carefully & get back to you.

I didn’t make it to Pub Night this week.  It was right after I took FIL to the airport.  Let’s just say that the heroic amounts of cooking, cleaning, golf watching & general companionship took their toll.  In the last few days, DH was sliding to his cozy basement like all the time!  So my tired & headachey self took an executive decision and stayed in.  I was aiming to go to tonight’s Sit ‘n Knit at Spun but DH makes a good point… rush hour is still on & the traffic is heading thataways!

Happy World Wide Spin in Public Day when it comes!

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Lara lives in the Greater Toronto Area with N, their young son, T, and Melly cat. Starting with knitting as a newcomer from Kingston, Jamaica, Lara learned to spin, prepare fibre, dye & weave. A spindle is usually close to hand.

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