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Livity, a year in

This week had its bright spots but was essentially tough.  Yea – TGIF.  Tuesday was the 1st anniversary of my bestest friend’s passing, and the memories of that time came flooding back.  Lerone’s death was sudden – she died in her sleep – and unexpected.  At the time I was working like a maniac but dropped everything, and flew home.

Lerone used to sit behind me in law lectures.  I was the new kid joining their year because I was back to finish my training after spending a year working at the downtown Kingston Legal Aid Clinic.  Shy but full of that experience you know.  Our friendship took off like wildfire just because we traded witticisms during lectures.  She wasn’t just my best friend though – I’d say at least 4 others have felt her loss just as much as I have.  She loved orchids & Pippi is obliging with this full bloom:

A very bright spot was how well Sammy’s Vest was received!  His Mom, my cousin, didn’t even know that I knit & was astonished!  She says that it fits him & pictures are to come.  Gift giving to the knitworthy is the best thing about knitting.

Last week I broke the yarn diet thanks to sales real & imagined around town.  I need to be cryptic about this one:

This SR Kertzer cotton yarn is a soft worsted-weight that I am loving to knit:

This pattern has Danish roots.  Robin Orm Hansen has reverse engineered the pattern.  It’s in the Fall 2009 Interweave Knits mag. but more than that I dare not say!  I casted on for this on the Go-train.  When the circle was just a few rows long, an older man paused in front of me.  He proudly proclaimed, “You’re making a sock!”  Good guess but that ain’t it!  He made me laugh – Canadians are the best:)

Next, I got Colinette Iona Jitterbug sock yarn @ 2 for 1.  And later this book, which gets rave reviews everywhere:

Cookie As Sock Innovation, Interweave Press

Cookie A's Sock Innovation, Interweave Press

I did know that Sock Innovation has a ton of great sock patterns.  What I didn’t know is that it also teaches you how to innovate aka design!  I was a bundle of quiet glee in the bookstore this Tuesday 🙂  My knitting group sees no reason that a body would not wear hot pink socks in winter.  I have lingering doubts but am willing to give it a go!

As for Peter Tosh The Fleece…  I’ve dried 5 batches in the backyard sunny spots & they are in old pillowcases.  My (tennis partner) neighbour asked what on earth I was up to.  She could only guess that I was working with pillow stuffing & was blown away when I gave her the story!  She’s all excited for me to make a sweater.  Uh huh – she who has yet to learn how to spin the yarn!!

It’s all been sweetness & light so far… until I realized that my blue Dawn has enzymes.  Thanks P&G for putting that factoid on the back label under “First Aid Treatment.”  What’s wrong with the enzymes you ask?  They work to dissolve proteins like blood/stains & just as easily – wool.  Oh yes they do.  Before spiraling out of control, I tried very hard to remember high school biology.  I had this vague idea that heat could ‘kill’ the enzymes & set out on a Google quest.

To cut a long story short, I am reasonably certain that if the 3 boiling water washes didn’t denature the enzymes, then the 2 rinses got them outta there.  My wool is the guinea pig for this.   Now on the brighter side – Stephen Kundert wrote to say that my spindle is on its way to me!