I first learned about the World Wars through Remembrance Day poppy drives in Jamaica.  Like Canada and other countries, we have the same traditions of honouring and supporting our veterans.  This is one of the Canadian holidays that is part of our shared history.

In 1999 Marc Goodman wrote an article, “Remembering when the World was at War” in Skywritings magazine.  The subtitle is, “A visit with Jamaica’s last surviving World War I veteran gives a glimpse into history’s bloodiest battlefields, and a Jamaica past”.  The host was 103 year old Ugent Augustus Clark who had volunteered for the British West Indies Regiment at age 22.  Ugent Clark served as an ammunition carrier in the war & was at the Battle of the Somme.  Goodman quotes him as saying:

They speak about (religion) a lot.  You feel religion and God.  You could dead at any time.  You just take it one day at a time…. War is no good.  It changes things, but in the changing, plenty bad things go on.

It is an excellent article.  I can see why Marc was my Mom’s favourite student.

Goodman's Article, The best of Skywritings - with my poppy

I heard McCrae’s In Flanders Fields read on Sunday.  The text is here.  What Dylan Thomas wrote is true: “And death shall have no dominion.”

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Lara is a spinner, knitter, natural dyer, parent abandoning a certain fear of weaving. Jamaican-Canadian; she/her in the Greater Toronto Area; we have a Jellicle cat, Melvin & a Double Doodle, Spark. A spindle is usually close to hand!

2 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. Hello Iriegemini,

    I am doing research on World War II and would appreciate it if you could email me a copy of Marc Goodman’s article, “Remembering when the World was at War.” I have tried to get it without success.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi! Sorry for taking awhile to respond but I’ve been under the weather. Marc’s article can be found in the Sky Writings collection, “A Tapestry of Jamaica – the Best of Skywritings Magazine,” ed. Linda Gambrill, Macmillan-Caribbean. The collection was first published in 2003. The copyright is Creative Communications Inc. Limited 2003, and all rights are reserved, so no, I would not send a copy to you by email. Hope this helps in your research.

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