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Bright New Year

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Happy New Year!

I am squarely back in Canada.  We flew back on Jan 1st, and walked right into an extreme cold weather alert.  Yay.

Did anyone else loose scissors to airport security?  Gets me every time.  Either coming or going, a pair will be confiscated.  So there I was, tired after partying the new year in hours before, leaving Jamaica.   As soon as the lady told me to open the Lexie Barnes, I knew it.

“Oh crap,” said I, remembering the v. pointy Fiskar’s scissors.  Eeerks – wrong thing to say!  I got off though.  The lady was perplexed by the spindles, yarn & corresponding pink fluff.  Then the sight of socks-in-progress gave her pause.  I wasn’t expecting what happened next.  She removed my tapestry needles.  They are blunt with big enough eyes to thread yarn.  It’s a good set I got years ago when I just started to knit.  You could say that I am attached to my needles.  I woke right the hell up.  It took some calm pleading but the lady and her (thankfully female) supervisor recognized I am fully eccentric & harmless.  Maybe just maybe they also recognized that in the big, bad world blunt needles are of no moment.

In the end, I conceded 1 sharp needle and my 4th pair of scissors.  I did sock knit the entire flight, and that was some consolation.

About the pink fluff & spinning.  I had both spindles with me on this trip, and loved spinning in the back-yard.  One night, I was on the computer & looked over to see the puppy at play.  Took me a second to realize what he was chewing, the fiend.  After photo:

He took the finger roving straight off the card-table & had a grand old time.  The culprit – can you tell he’s mouthy?


This is what Abby Franquemont means in Respect the Spindle when she says on p. 115 that to avoid “spindle disasters” she follows this basic rule:

Don’t leave spindles where they’ll be attractive to a pet.

Yeah, that goes for the fibre supply too, folks!

Speaking of that wonderful book, here it is with my other Christmas books chilling in the mango tree:

They are all excellent books.  I just pored over the Knitter’s Book of Wool & am planning to make the Hill Country Hat for DH this winter.  The free pattern is here.

My new Golding Tsunami plied the merino like a dream.  It likes the grass:

I have decided to add a 3rd ply to this so that the finished yarn will be rounder.  The Ribbons-affected mess is actually still spinnable.  I will, of course, be washing the yarn as usual before using.

As much as I miss family, friends, and the decently warm weather, it is nice to be back.  The orchids welcomed us with this display!

My other plants survived surprisingly well.  Toby was just a bundle of joy when we showed up at the kennel too 🙂

What are my knitting resolutions for 2010?  Here’s a cross-post of something I wrote on Ravelry, yesterday:

1. Learning new ways to knit socks.  I have stash & 2 new books in hand.
2. Spin up a storm.
3. Knit for DH this winter – casted on for his scarf; he now wants a hat as well.
4. Selfish sweater knitting.  The upside of weight-gain?
5. Not to forget who turned out to be knitworthy this Christmas, and who did not!
6. Keep on blogging.  With new patterns on offer.

Author: iriegemini

Lara lives in the Greater Toronto Area with N, their young son, T, and Melly cat. Starting with knitting as a newcomer from Kingston, Jamaica, Lara learned to spin, prepare fibre, dye & weave. A spindle is usually close to hand.

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