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Le Tour de Fleece 2011

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Happy Canada Day weekend to everyone celebrating.

Le Tour has begun!  The kick-off Stage 1 today was beautiful.  My project this year is for a friend, Teresa.  We shook hands on a trade a few months ago, and my part is to spin lace-weight yarn from my Corgi Hill Farm braid.

The braid is 4.3 oz of hand-dyed alpaca/ merino/ silk.  Teresa is a prolific lace knitter who test knits for some of the most exciting pattern designers.  Our friendship has grown, not diminished over these difficult months & it’s my pleasure to spin for her expert hands.

At the starting line:

The braid’s name is Bayberry Bush II, and I am going into the Tour with 1 ball of 2 singles (wound together), and the spindles in this state:

They are both Ethan Jakob spindles by Greensleeves.  I got the one to the back from Morgaine, Carolina Homespun at Stringtopia this year, i.e. snatched it up, shamelessly.

Teresa agreed that she would like long colour progressions that roughly match through the 2-plies.  I just alternate each spindle for each un-wrap of the braid.  It’s very simple, and means that I am walking around with 1 short length, the braid’s intact, and the lengths are roughly equal without measuring.

Spinning all morning long has been great.  I love Versus’ show for the Tour – they always crack me up.  The Peloton is as crazy as ever, and it’s good to see the sprinters are no less cocky this year.  There’s the new intrigue, complete with Contador’s I-am-innocent reel.  There’s the beautiful scenery.  Crashes.  That fool fan who toppled the middle of the Peloton – really?!?   2011 Arrivee!

In all of this, I am remembering family in Jamaica.  I almost flew down for a funeral that’s today.  Tragically, Bunny Francis, was murdered last Saturday, 10 a.m.   He was ambushed on his street by gunmen, and later died at the hospital.  It was a hit.  He, and other men in the family business received threats.  I cannot fathom their grief, and wanted to pay my respects.  It is hard living so far away, especially at times like these.

Author: iriegemini

Lara lives in the Greater Toronto Area with N, their young son, T, and Melly cat. Starting with knitting as a newcomer from Kingston, Jamaica, Lara learned to spin, prepare fibre, dye & weave. A spindle is usually close to hand.

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