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The new leaf

The Powers That Be have recently changed in my life.  Just 2 weeks ago, I served my last day in the day job.  It was an uneventful and amicable ramp-down but all of my energy had gone into working difficult files & big decisions this summer.

I usually keep this under wraps but this day job was as a junior civil litigation associate in a small firm.  I went back after the 1 ½ years of being in a non-working creative space.  That I loved but lacked structure.  It is a general service firm, so I learned to do everything + the kitchen sink.  With an assistant of much aggravation.  I worked 4-days with these trusted mentors and got the structure and challenges that I missed.  Steady salary to fuel the creative side, etc.  Zero in the way of glamour but I loved mentoring the articling student who is now a friend.

It’s really just almost a week since I got pulled back in for a Battle Royale of sorts.  Rather brutal but I lived to tell the tale, and now have this new Boss who agrees with me about keeping a tiara in the office.

The Boss Lady also lets me out for my Tuesday’s daytime spinning group.  She happens to understand about finding antique wheels in corners, and spinning friends.  Just yesterday, I hauled a saxony wheel out, got on the ground & assembled her again.  She was painted green & has a name carved in the bed!  And the Tuesday before?  A spinning friend quietly gave me her Tom Forrester accessory.

The tag says black walnut but not what it is?  My 1st thought was a diz!  Problem is that all 4 of its holes are evenly large.  Searching the listings over at Gemini Fibres here hasn’t solved the mystery… any ideas?

My mind is not All Made Up.  There’s no panic – just trying to decide on the next steps and path.  However this plays out, I am just happy to rejoin the things that I missed in the past year & to put our home life back into some order.  I suppose that DB put it best when he said, “Just follow your heart, and don’t leave your brain behind.”

Toby and I came upon this sapling in the park today.  It’s turning new leaves too.

Even though it’s right across from this poor guy:

I’ll save the current projects for another post.  Which is assuming a lot.  We are under a tornado watch tonight.


After Tour

Happy belated Emancipation Day!  We celebrated with a Sunday-worthy dinner of roast chicken, rice & peas & cauliflower au gratin.  Another touch of home is my bougainvillea.  It at least loves this heat.

Teresa may be doubtful about how much post-Tour spinning is happening for her lace yarn.  Still spinning and we are at the pretty bit with the purples.

The spindles are ready for winding off, and then I’ll have plying ball the 5th!  It’s just a stub of a braid now.

One of our LYSs, Main St. Yarns in Milton is closing.  Carolyn hopes to find a purchaser but is busy selling her inventory.  One thing has led to another, and I’m back knitting.  Another top-down cardigan is on my needles – Boogie’s Tappan Zee Cardigan.  This is in the Lavold Silky Wool that I bought for a vest last fall.

It’s been happy knitting but I will admit 2 Things that I do get:

  • Royally bad picture of it; and
  • The yarn won’t say “sophisticate” any time soon.

Sometimes blocking makes a huge difference.  It did for my Fern Gully Hap Shawl that’s been a FO since coughMaycough.  The last that you saw of it was in January, here.  My how it has grown!

And evened out:

The last of the day lilies from Susie made a grand entrance this week.