Water under the bridge

On this the eve of Le Tour (yay!), I had to come around and post already…  This was no case of writer’s block but really just a short hiatus for needed medical stuff.  It meant spinning until I couldn’t, stress knitting, and re-entering.

Big surprise.  I knit socks before, during & after this rough patch.

I was still in denial that they fit heel-to-toe.  The soles are way short.  Mostly because I knit all of the soles through the back loop with a vengeance.  Also, memory fail on length of foot.

Much appreciation to Ann Budd for such a great (and free) pattern, “Seduction Socks.”  This was my second time knitting this design & I could do it again.

Full disclosure:  it was early spring.  I remember taking this picture, and being so excited for my ostrich ferns coming forth:

Nothing beats knitting handspun through an ordeal.  Truely.

In a typical year there’s no way I would have finished my logwood-dyed socks by June 7th.  But they were a natural comfort to me, and they got warm-weather knit love.  All 242 yards of them.

And I was far from done with the sock mania.  For there were trips to Lettuce Knit to make the not-fun appointments doable on some bad days.

Kim of Indigodragonfly spoke to me.  Seriously, it’s sock yarn called ‘Polite Loner’.  Yah, 2 skeins, please.

It’s Bavarian Cable Socks from Wendy Johnson’s book, “Socks from the Toe Up.”  The bouncy merino yarn is making up for the fact that I find the stitch design a bit meh.

Most satisfying of all was making NICU & Preemie hats.  They were for Hunter who my girlfriend had to deliver at just 29 weeks.

It was great finding all the bits of yarn that I needed from remnant skeins.  Hunter’s doing well, and moved up to the next care level this week.

Most of my spinning is at various stages coughno picscough but I did finish my Wee Peggy’s Corriedale project.

That friends is 1,008 yards of 3-ply S-twist yarn.  Loved spinning the 12 oz from Diane at Schafenfreude Fibers, and I’m excited to make a twine knit vest for the fall.

Thank you to everyone who wrote or has called.  I really appreciate the support.  My family and you mean more than the lace shawl or socks I knit.  N has been amazing.  He’s taken care of me – again, and we celebrated our 10th anniversary this month.

It wasn’t Québec City like we planned but a great time, considering.  We thought my brother would love a close-up of that tree by the way.

Babylon throne gone down!

I’ll be back to say what I’m doing for the 2012 Tour de Fleece!

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Lara is a spinner, knitter, natural dyer, parent abandoning a certain fear of weaving. Jamaican-Canadian; she/her in the Greater Toronto Area; we have a Jellicle cat, Melvin & a Double Doodle, Spark. A spindle is usually close to hand!

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