In short, a post.

Well, hello new followers, and anyone with the patience for these large gaps! This spring an idea to garden has been taking flight. As of this last long weekend (Victoria Day in Canada/ Labour Day in Jamaica), I have spoken softly to seedlings, refreshed old beds, and made way for shrubs to add privacy.

Newly sown and watered garden bed with clematis vine in back ground, established black eyed susan and coreopsis seedlings at front of the bed.
Baby coreposis, and other seeds abed

The Coreopsis tinctoria that I snagged in the Royal Botanical Gardens’ Seed Library this year started a cascade that gave Ty a new chore income stream. He has helped me clear the old stump, many rocks & weeds for another ambitious goal: fibre flax. We had started the breakdown last fall, and I have high hopes for the Melina Linum usitatissimum.

Fibre flax seedlings sprouting in a roughly round-shaped bed edged with Norway Maple wood logs in a lawn.
Grow flax, grow!

In and around the many garden steps, taking care through the challenges in a 3rd Ontario lockdown, I wove my first 100% silk warp with all 8-shafts of my loom.

There is not enough time this afternoon to share the project but I have already started a new Cottolin warp with a plan for an overshot runner.

Schacht Mighty Wolf 8-shaft loom being threaded with Cottolin yarn using warping helper straps from Margery Erikson on
New warp, and new warping helpers!

The cotton straps are my new “Warping Helpers” from Margery Erikson’s shop on Etsy. She has a wonderful YouTube channel that I first found when wondering, “Now how do I use this big table warping mill?” As I said in a note to Margery when buying these – she helped a weaver in Canada on that one!

When the snail’s pace of progress was getting on my last nerve it has been the old dance of spin, knit, weave that has helped give texture to the days.

Bobbin and flyer array of Watson Martha spinning wheel with from back teal, light teal, grey handspun singles .  The wheel is made from Butternut wood.
Freshest spin: Polwarth/ Tussah Silk from Sweet Georgia

This braid came with more 20/2 silk, un-dyed top from the Webs Anniversary Sale, and is going in with around 800 yards of the same blend that I spun from Spirit Trail Fibre Works. I think they will work nicely together for a knitted top.

More than wheels, spindles have been a major part of my work in these months. When Ty is not so deep with a screen time session, and has more of these moments, I hope to write and share about those projects too.

A boy is standing in brown sand at the shore of Lake Onario.  He is wearing sandals and has pushed his pants up to his knees.  He is putting his weight on his right leg and looking down.  The lake is in front of him with the horizon showing the clear blue sky.
At the lakeshore: Lake Ontario
Looking west down the shore

Days like these are rare, and I am so pleased when everyone’s nervous systems are able to say each Yes that it takes. I took outings for granted, and now look for the access points.

Gentle guidance over time is not what I find easy to sustain. It is, however, what is needed & works best.

Ray's Turkish-style drop spindle held at an angle with Coopworth wool top spun and forming a fairly full cop on the arms of the spindle.  The yarn is wound spiraling up the shaft of the spindle and the work is held in front of the leaves of a Japanese maple.  The spindle is in Butternut wood.
Cheers for your spring!

This Tuesday-after-my-appointment may be a good spot to settle back in for sharing on the blog. Other social media exists (I am still off-Ravelry, no surprise, right?) but is not the same.

This space is up for adjustments but is still very close to the things that I love about these crafts, community. I hope that you are well, readers. If not so well, then I hope the growth comes maybe by registering for a packet of seeds or however else you need.

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Lara is a spinner, knitter, natural dyer, parent abandoning a certain fear of weaving. Jamaican-Canadian; she/her in the Greater Toronto Area; we have a Jellicle cat, Melvin & a Double Doodle, Spark. A spindle is usually close to hand!

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