Caturday – for the love of Brother Melvin

A little over a month ago we said goodbye to our cat, Melvin.

A black and white domestic short haired cat is curled up and rests on a cream seat cushion under a round kitchen table.

He was a first cat for 2 lifelong dog people – some of you may remember those days 11 years ago. Humans & cat were in mutual bewilderment. Many of my online ‘pocket’ friends & hometown knitters (yay, Sarah!) taught me how to be owned by a cat. I thank you all. You were right: a cat was a good idea.

One spinning friend, Sandi Wiseheart. helped by showing me how we from time-to-time are expected to address our cats. It was your best warmth, clear note of awe delivered with undertones of worship. Melvin was visibly pleased as I took Sandi’s advice to heart.

A black & white domestic short hair cat lies in a ray of sunshine on oak flooring with a green knitting bag made by By Needle & Thread.  The bag has an all-over frog design.
2015 Melvin likes a good knitting bag

For many years this was the cover image of my blog-in-progress album on Flickr. The bag is made by my friend whose business is By Needle & Thread.

Most of the other out-takes are of Mel sleeping on wool locks. I have grouped them in this album (click on those words) if you would like to see the uploaded but not blogged images.

A hot pink merino/silk lace shawl knitted by irieknit is in blocking pins on a blue mat with the shadow of a cat's head and part of his black & white body in the upper right corner of the image.
Melvin, connoisseur of wet lace & all the fluff

Rather than share the still fresh story of his sudden illness, last 2 months after a rebound, this picture says the most. Melly cat supervised us all, including my Eastern European small saxony spinning wheel. It is the oldest picture of him in Flickr.

A black and white domestic short hair cat with tuxedo markings is sitting on a side table looking back at a newly cleaned small East European saxony spinning wheel.  There is snow outside the window and the wheel has bands of green, red, blue paint.

We were prepared, and it has been a heavy month. This morning, as I looked at posts it was so clear that cat lovers still do a fabulous #caturday. They brought a smile & a toot of appreciation.

A patchwork doily handsewn by irieknit following the Spiderweb Pouch pattern lies flat on the top of a mahogany desk.  The main tambourine stitches are in a series of coloured yarn with a rainbow effect.  The blanket stitch edge and running stitches are in sashiko thread handdyed by irieknit with Coreopsis tinctoria.

For the moment my Spiderweb Pouch by Heidi Iverson, Honeyfolk Clothing is a doily. The channel can be used later for a drawstring but I love seeing the rainbow sequence of tambourine stitches laid flat.

Coreopsis tinctoria and a late blooming Clematis vine.
Coreopsis tinctoria dyed the sashiko edging thread

As we say in Jamaica, “Walk good.” Melvin is deeply missed. Ty was very close to him, and I truly considered him a help when symptoms came forward at home.

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Lara is a spinner, knitter, natural dyer, weaver who also loves reading. Jamaican-Canadian; she/her in the Greater Toronto Area; Mom to a young 'un, and Spark is our Double Doodle. A spindle is usually close to hand!

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