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I am originally from Jamaica, and have lived in the Greater Toronto Area for over a decade with N, young T, and our cat, Melvin.  In the first stressful winter, I taught myself how to knit.  Since starting this blog in 2009, I have learned how to spin, dye and weave.  Fibre arts have become the focus as I left professional life.  I spin using a range of spindles (drop, supported, hand-held), and my lovely herd of spinning wheels (in order of coming to live with me; none ever leave!):

  • Wee Peggy, a New Zealand kit wheel made by John Rappard in 1982;
  • Spinolution Mach II – we call him Earl;
  • Canadian Production Wheel, Zoë, made by Philias Cadorette circa 1920;
  • Martha, custom made by James Watson in butternut from a Burlington, Ontario tree in 1988;
  • an antique painted saxony flax wheel in the Eastern European style with partial distaff;
  • Marked antique saxony flax wheel by William McDonald of New Glasgow, Nova Scota circa 1820; and
  • Unmarked compact antique saxony flax wheel, presumed Canadian.

The last two wheels were wheels number 13 & 15 in the Ramer spinning wheel collection.  All are loved, and used.  I weave with an 8-shaft Schacht Mighty Wolf loom, and am interested in backstrap weaving.

You can find me elsewhere on the web:

twitter & ravelry:  irieknit

e: irieknit at gmail dot com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi KnixKnox playing with words and strings. Loving your sense of humour. Purple’s mine too and just today got agreement to use it at Puerto Plata, which I hope you’ll see soon tho it’s not Sussex. Guessing that LYS is a local yarn shop?? Pardon my ignorance. Love the seafoam scarf.

    • Thanks, Auntie G! I’m still working on my purple permissions here, so will love to see what you do! Yes, LYS is local yarn shop – I have 2 in our area. Am happy to take a seafoam order:) Best of luck with Puerto Plata!

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