Handspun CVM/Romeldale wool Talland Tee tunic and Saxon blue dyed by irieknitLara was born in St Andrew, Jamaica where her family is based.  Now living in the Greater Toronto Area she discovered fibre arts through knitting as a very new (and cold) Torontonian on an accreditation journey.  The accreditation came, and so did a love for making by hand.

One project leading to another, Lara’s knit knack slipped down the slope of spinning with a drop spindle.  An avid spindle & wheel spinner, Lara also loves to prepare fibre from scratch, explore natural dyes, knit all the things and weave.

Lara lives, crafts & writes with N, their son Ty, Spark the Double Doodle dog.  Melvin the tuxedo cat runs a tight ship & enjoys fibre arts as much as the next cat.  The small herd of working wheels was set-off by a friend’s vintage (1982) Rappard Wee Peggy, and grew to include:

  • Spinolution Mach II;
  • Philias Cadorette Canadian Production Wheel (circa 1920);
  • Watson (James, 1988) Martha in Ontario-harvested butternut
  • Painted Saxony flax wheel (presumed antique & Eastern European);
  • William McDonald Saxony flax wheel (circa 1820, New Glasgow, Nova Scota); and
  • Antique Saxony flax wheel (presumed Canadian).

N notes that wheels arrive but don’t seem to leave »»» he is not wrong.

Elsewhere, Lara can be found* (she/her):

twitter, instagram, flickr:  irieknit

e: irieknit at gmail dot com

*An account with Ravelry as irieknit is not active.  I will update when/ if PMs via Ravelry are possible again.

Coastline, Jamaica
Longing for island life during the pandemic

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi KnixKnox playing with words and strings. Loving your sense of humour. Purple’s mine too and just today got agreement to use it at Puerto Plata, which I hope you’ll see soon tho it’s not Sussex. Guessing that LYS is a local yarn shop?? Pardon my ignorance. Love the seafoam scarf.

    1. Thanks, Auntie G! I’m still working on my purple permissions here, so will love to see what you do! Yes, LYS is local yarn shop – I have 2 in our area. Am happy to take a seafoam order:) Best of luck with Puerto Plata!

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