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Rainy days

As much as I’d love summertime to show up, this weather is good for the knitting.   Here we are at the end of July & I am working on an alpaca & silk cardigan?!  Nuts, man.  The cardigan I speak of is Connie Chang Chinchio‘s spring IK design:  my purple cocoon cardi.

For the moment we are ignoring the problems I had with the front left piece, okay?  This is the start of a sleeve:

The former-earring-cum-marker is at Row 39.  I have another 20 or so rows of this cocoon pattern to go.

Hydrangeas also like rainy, cool Julys:

In & amongst the hydrangeas is a wildflower (weed?) that didn’t quite get thinned out this year.  Austerity Tip – to avoid spending $$$ on mulch just let the wildflowers be.   Oh and yes, DH has yet to cut the grass.

Other exciting but fully unrelated news:  (A) right foot is on the mend; (B) right foot was not broken!  Took me 3 weeks  & 2 follow-up visits to the Dr. to get this simple x-ray report… Universal health care.  As Uncle Pat always said, “Remember you are dealing with bureaucrats.  Be nice to them.  They are bureaucrats.”  That’s all I have to say about that.

Since the sprain is now low-grade, I have liberated my foot from the infernal boot.  It was giving me blisters even with cushioning & a sock & moisturizing.  I am to do physio, and all that good stuff.  In the meantime, I am getting the knack of walking sans right boot cast.

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Canada Day 09!

Happy Canada Day!  Says she with faint enthusiasm.

Getting to & from the x-ray lab was not fun.  So much hopping!  Why on earth is the place in a basement?  Then we went for a boot.  Here it is – modern medicine’s torture chamber:

Air Walker - except I cant walk

Air Walker - except I can't walk

DH, geek that he is, now calls me Darth Vader.  Funny eh?  He wants sound effects.  Uh huh.

Dude at the store says “daily use” of this thing for 6 – 8 weeks.  Right now it feels heavy & my ankle is quite unhappy at the 90 degree angle.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to walk & drive again soon.  Until then, I’m declining invites and having to skip fun things like Knit Night.

On the bright side:

  1. I am enjoying Wimbledon this year.  Last summer was a blur of work-related madness.
  2. A late-breaking birthday gift arrived yesterday.  Books!  Howl on Trial – The Battle for Free Expression, Bill Morgan & Nancy J. Peters ed.  Here’s what Brother Man wrote inside, “There is no more perfect book for you.  Law & Poetry.  Happy Birthday.”  It is too!  He also sent Song yet Sung by James McBride.  I’m looking forward to them both, so thanks Bro & Dad.
  3. Facebook friends/ family are being sweet.  Not saccharine.  Just sweet enough.
  4. I am now a chatterbox on Ravelry.  Have time will debate!
  5. One piece of my Purple Cocoon Cardi is now complete!  I decided that the yarn (Blue Sky Alpacas with Silk) is groovy.  It only took some getting used to.  My chosen colour is Amythyst or 129.  As you can see the green couch is ‘command central’ right now:
Top, back of Purple Cocoon Cardi - my interpretation of the cocoon stitch!

Top, back of Purple Cocoon Cardi - my interpretation of the cocoon stitch!

Full back view of Purple Cocoon Cardi - not yet blocked

Full back view of Purple Cocoon Cardi - not yet blocked

Postscript:  calling Toby DP wasn’t such a bright idea.  No double entendre meant!  I am a pure and innocent blogger.  Dear Pet is all I meant.  Forgetting there’s an industry where that means something entirely different.  The Knit Knack isn’t that witty, trust me!

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Another pictureless post

My ankle is in no rush to heal.  At least the pain has largely subsided, and I’m learning how to get comfy for hours at a stretch… That and my hopping skills seem to have improved.

DH is coming home early to take me for X-Rays and a fracture boot.  The doctor promises said boot will help me to get around.  Let’s hope so.  MIL arrives this Sunday for her visit.  Right.  Well, DH may be many things but domestically inclined, he is not!

Yesterday, I had a stretch of good knitting while semi-watching Wimbledon.  My camera is waaaay upstairs, so any pics will be posted later on.  I’m almost finished the back piece.  In between blazing up the Ravelry Big 6 boards, I checked out some project notes for this Silk Cocoon Cardi.  There were some beautiful FOs & interesting notes.  My chief worry has been the 1/2 inch curl at the bottom edge.  I am assured it stays flat after blocking.  Phew.

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Accidents happen

Tennis got the better of me on Friday.  I took a nasty fall on the court.  There I was running then reaching for the ball, I must have jumped.  Nice twist mid-air, and I came crashing down on the right ankle.  Ouch!  It’s totally sprained.  I managed the walk home, stubborn ox that I am but have been laid-up since.

DH has been great – making & serving meals; wrapping the foot (with & without moans); dispensing sprain wisdom, etc.  The other person in our house is Toby the dog, aka DP.  He’s very, very concerned.  Perturbed even.  It’s the sight of me hopping about that seems to distress him the most.  I am happy to say the Tobester has barely budged from his bedside station all weekend.

Neither DH nor DP was happy when I hop-tripped & fell last night.  D__n skirt!  It was all good though – I had enough sense to fall on my left side.  Thankfully it’s getting better now.  I can put some weight on the foot, and most of the swelling has gone down.  It’s just sore & bruised.  I did take a pic but it’s ridiculous to post.  Just imagine a reddish, slightly swollen ankle & there you have it!

So what have I been doing?  Finished reading “Rob Roy” by Sir Walter Scott.  It’s a great read but Sir Walter wasn’t holding back on the Scottish words, sayings or lore.  It takes lots of pausing to go to his glossaries & appendices.  When downstairs, I’m knitting up the back piece of the Silk Cocoon Cardi.  It’s not showy.  Just rows of plain knitting.  Again, not quite picture-worthy.  I thought the Silk & Alpaca yarn would be a dream but it’s not exactly.  I’m undecided because rows of knit then purl are ipso facto dead boring.  Just saying.

We had to laugh – this 1 weekend when I’m out of commission, we had 3 invites for Saturday night!  One was from Eden’s parents – her baby gift seems to have gone over better than I thought!!