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Surprise and Shrug Roadblock

I knew I had a Babylon Falling “Owner’s Choice” set on the way but the contents blew me away!  Sean made artful picks & here’s what I have to chew on:

BF Owners Choice picnic!

BF Owner's Choice picnic!

Here the lovelies are on my bookcase:

BFs in pride of place

BFs in pride of place

I feel smarter already!  Big thanks to both the benefactor & the facilitator of this care package.  Good push forward for month-end blues.

The Wedding  Guest Shrug hit a wall.  The double-stranding was a pain in the ass.  I was bound to drop one half every stitch & mindless knitting was well nigh impossible.  Also, the colours weren’t flowing.  The silk was falling flat on the lace pattern too.  I knew to call it a day when Hubby saw only a few holes.  So I thought – time to frog.  A few deep breaths later, I had the warring balls of silk separated.  Here’s what I’ve come up with as a solution for these issues – back to basics.  Keeping it at lace weight, and going with a simpler motif.

This means more work – teeny tiny needles.  Ergo more time.  But who am I to blow against the wind?  I’ve also ditched the 1 x 1 ribbing for my preferred 2 x2.  Here’s where it’s at:

Wedding Guest Shrug take 2

Wedding Guest Shrug take 2

The new motif is called ‘little fountain.’  It looked cute on my swatch & only has a 4 row repeat.  Even if I have more stitches, the pattern is easy to remember, so I may make the deadline yet! [Yeah, if I knit every moment available, and manage to ignore the new book stash…]

I honestly cannot fault the yarn for all of this.  It was a gamble going with lace-weight.  The Hand Maiden is holding up very well, and is still a star.  It’s taking the innovation like a pro!

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Get er Done – AFTER

It took a trip to the LYS over yonder & full use of my obsessive skills but I got ‘er done!  Instead of plodding on with the zig-zag lace body, I decided to look again for a workable stitch.  The Noro Silk Garden just could never look lacy on those needles even if I managed to unfurl the edges:)  Acceptance is a wonderful thing & I ripped it all back to the sea foam border.

Third time’s the charm!  I went with a waffle stitch, which has lots of body.  The 2 skein plan would have left me with a hand towel, so up to yonder LYS I went.  There was another rip-back thanks to a sleepy attempt at sea foam border No. 2.  Here’s the lovely Coral Seas Spring Scarf:Coral Seas Spring Scarf - blocked & all!

The waffle stitch reminds me of our coral sea cliffs back home, especially on the Negril West End.  Man, do I wanna go to Ne-gril:)  It was an easy repeat that also blends in the colour changes in the yarn.  The edges did curl but the over-night blocking & steam ironing have opened it up.  Whether or not, she will go inwards again, I can’t say…

We are going out this evening & so, I get to test her!  It was nice to have a little race to get ‘er done.  Thanks to TCA & fingers are still crossed for the handsome reward…

Friday’s lunch was, as expected, awkward.  People can be so funny in this life.  I’m cool with it all though.

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On the frogging block

I borrowed Debbie Bliss’ book, “Home – 27 Knitted Designs for Living” from our library & had a go at the cotton ‘peg bag’.  It’s the first of her patterns that I’ve knitted.  It’s moss-stitch all over, and quite easy to knit up.  However, my thumbs are down on this one.  I am sewing-challenged, and I got twisted in the directions for the lining.  Also, no hanger in my house could fit the dimensions of this bag.  That’s the rub for me.  Here’s how it stands at the moment:

A mishapen peg bag:(

A mishapen peg bag:(

Hubby’s shy input is that the hanger doesn’t look right.  Uh-huh.  That’s going to have to go.  As is the lining, which is a mere sub-set of the larger bag.  I’ve been pondering this one, and am sharing the mess that it became.  The idea was to use it in my bathroom.  I’ll frog out the top seam, rip the lining, and have at it again…  Update to follow.

I have to run – going to yoga class no. 2!  I fell off the yoga wagon long ago, and am very happy to have found a great studio in town.  Not uppity at ALL!  I’m late though!