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Mid-June is for giving!

Faithful Reader –

You may have been around since the very beginning on March 3, 2009.  You may have met me at points in the meantime or just happened to have turned us up on a search.  You may even just be here for the very first time.  It’s ALL GOOD.

This blog started in one of life’s lulls.  It took time to take shape, and my only real rule has been to speak the truth in my own voice.  As topics range past knitting, I keep learning that next piece.  Each step helps me beat a path here in my chosen home, Canada.

Audience, you never exploded.  What you did was better than that.  You reached out to me in private messages, comments, and most happily in friendship.  My everlasting sock knitting did not turn you off.  Nor did the Yay Jamaica! posts or the literary quotes.  You let me know that the posts were being read, and complimented my successes.  We laughed over my unfortunate turns of hand.  In complete generosity you shared time, talent and that treasure of stash.  In short, you cared.

It’s my birthday, tomorrow, and that makes it my turn.

Leave a comment, folks.  Tweet.  One comment each please but tweet for extra chances in this giveaway.  There’s a skein of Tosh Sock (100% SW merino) in Logwood – 365 yards of fingering weight.  There’s also the woven bag – 6.25″ diameter x 8.5″ high.  I will leave this open until next Friday, June 21, 2013 and then Random Number choose 2 persons.  If you win we need to talk about your address, and then I will send it along.

Morning Glory experiment: also exceeding expectations

Thank you, Guys.  Happy Birthday to me!

One skein – mug not included!

The last fibre event of my season is this weekend.  It’s so considerate of the Ontario Handspinning Seminar to throw this marketplace, etc. together just for me.  See you there?!