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New Knitknack & she Blooms

The Aestlight shawl doesn’t just have a pretty name.  It’s seriously groovy.  A triangle, increasing from 1 itty bitty stitch.

What can I say?  Symmetry excites me.  I am making the larger shawl, so yonder triangle still has some growing to do.

Also groovy because Gudrun (blog nod to D.H. Lawrence & A-Level English) Johnston delivers a crystal clear pattern.  Trust me, this is a rare joy.  She gives a mini-photo essay for the first steps.  She gives full sentences to describe the pattern speak.

Even this deep into the triangle, the yarn is not pooling.  I love how the 2 hanks are blending:

Aestlight shawl garter detail

Getting this Monet thing going on was more complicated than I expected…   Those looser end stitches are key for the next stage – adding the border.  Without any straight edge for simple switching, it has to be done on the inside of the triangle.  I joined the 2nd hank on the right side, and made a royal mess between the artless holes & floats of yarn.

I slept on it, and woke up with a bright idea.  Intarsia!  How some wicked smart knitter worked out you can have blocks of different yarns (usually different coloured yarns).  Ever see a knitted star like this?  It is intarsia.

Intarsia Tutorial Pic from Purlbee

Intarsia Tutorial Pic from Purlbee

The Purl Bee has a tutorial here.  Did I know that until just this minute?  Nope.  I hauled out my books & worked it out over several attempts.  Took a few tries, but I got the knit knack for a right slanting bit of intarsia goodness.    It’s now so mindless that I am thinking this pattern could make a good Christmas gift for a knitworthy soul…

<Random>  Did you know that intarsia is also used in woodworking?  Thanks Bing.

Check out the gorgeousness… Pippi rears her pretty head:

Named after Pippi Longstocking, of course!  I had a feeling that naming a child Pippi was out of the question…