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Two Tribal Kilims

Exactly the day before our trip to Jamaica, DH went to Herat Carpets to see about a kilim rug.  He was armed with:

  • my excited talk about the day I wandered in;
  • Shir’s business card;
  • a quick internet search; and
  • a huge heart.

You can imagine my gratitude.  Not 1 but 2 beautiful small kilims came home with the man.

The central motifs appear to be stylized woman figures known as the Elibelinde (hands on hips) symbol.

DH was drawn to the use of colour, and the evocative weaving.  Elibelinde represents the mother and of the fertility of woman.  Here are search results for the image.

Rather than hazarding more about possible meaning, I’ll just show you the weaver’s signature.

A single motif (comb or tarak)

The second kilim has damage, and some repairs.  Shir told DH that it would have been woven for a man.

This kilim looks similar to Peruvian warp-faced weave structures that I am just starting to learn on my backstrap loom.

The richness of the less-faded colour on the rear of this kilim is just lovely.

Left = rear; Right = design face

I use this one folded and placed over a mat for all of my spindle spinning, and fiber prep work now.

That each kilim is hugely inspirational goes without saying.

He deserves warm feet for such gifts!