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Shawls it up

This weekend was basically one long bout of knitting.  For one thing it was dark & stormy.  For another there was the Hungarian Grand Prix & Tour de France to be watched.  I do have something to show for it:  a fierce Aestlight shawl we like to call Bluefields!

Finished her up yesterday evening & did a quick evening out with the steam iron.  Trying not to brag now but here she is:

Please ignore the crazy lady hair in this next one… Look!  I have a wingspan!

Rocking the shawl and the knit stitch pendant:

The ends are long enough to tie at the front, which is a bonus I wasn’t expecting really.  When front-tied, here’s how she looks from the back:

I improvised as I knitted along.  The main goal was to use 2 skeins of the same yarn evenly.  The intarsia method worked wonders on the body.  Here is the wrong side but yarn carries are not pronounced:

The scallop edging is half 1 skein; half the other.  I grafted the middle scallop using Kitchener stitch, and felt pretty clever.  My only other mods were simple – cable cast-on for the edging & sewn cast-off for the top of the triangle.

What’s left of my 2 hanks of Araucania:

Can I eke out a pair of socks from this?

Can I eke out a pair of socks from this?

This is my first Sheltie shawl & a good learning experience.  That scallop edge has 16 rows to repeat, and was my least favourite element.  Inching through 279 border stitches 8 at a time was a little painful.  Especially after hours of knitting.

Technically, the pattern is very sound.  It seems strange to say this but if anything the instructions are too detailed.  I learned new things but never had a real leap of insight.  It was all laid out a bit too exactly for any of that.   At some point, I just wanted to figure stuff out, you know.

Quibbles apart, I totally love this one.  The former tom boy has another totally feminine knit to flaunt!  I must be mellowing in my old age…

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Summer Sox and what’s next

So much thanks to Sean for enabling these Summer Seduction Sox!  The boy has superb taste in yarn:)

Sibling Love in Action - Summer Seduction Sox

Summer Seduction Sox, all done!

A word about my right leg… I know the shin looks awful… it was fresh out of the boot cast for this photo.  Here’s a nicely cropped photo:

Closer on the Summer Seductions

Closer on the Summer Seductions

It’s pretty obvious that the left leg has a better toe grafting.  That’s the 2nd sock & I grafted after downing a mango smoothie from Booster Juice.  Grafting is the classic way of weaving 2 sets of live stitches closed on a permanent basis.  The term of art = Kitchener stitch.  It has its own logic but does suck up yarn in the making.  You cut a tail of yarn to weave them shut, and I didn’t have quite enough on that 1st sock.

They are full of character & I can’t wait to wear them!  What’s not to love?  The toe is good for my yam foot, the design is tops, made with unique hand painted yarn, and …. can you buy socks with pointy heels?  I don’t think so!  My sock knitting is coming to come – thanks Sean!

By some stroke of genius, I convinced DH to take us to The Wool Bin.  The owners were in the store, and it was so nice to see them again.  Jane helped MIL kit up for crochet, which freed me up to get yarn for a triangular shawl, and have a good look around.  Halla gave me a warm welcome, and it was a nice break from the monotony of home.  I now have 2 hanks of Chilean sock yarn that will be perfect for my shawl:

Hand dyed Araucania Ranco Multi

Hand dyed Araucania Ranco Multi

I’ve chosen Gudrun Johnston’s new design, the Aestlight Shawl.  It was my first Ravelry buying experience, and I was impressed by the speed of delivery!

There were so many triangle shawls to choose from but this one stood out from the rest.  The name is beautiful, and the designer explains that it means east light in Shetland dialect.  It can be worn casually but is made using traditional Sheltie shawl construction.  What I do know is that a Sheltie shawl begins with one stitch, and is made continuously – borders & all.  Term of art = multi-directional.  A test knitter raved about the construction, so I’m in.  Plus, this is a beautiful way to learn something new!

As shawls go, this is small.  I only got the 2 hanks to use each alternately.  The yarn is variegated, and outside of socks a single hank may very well give random splotches of colour.  Hopefully, the mixing will work well.  They are from the same colourway.  Time will tell…

We did see Harry Potter & the HBP yesterday too.  I was happy with it overall but DH felt it was too slow.  A producer or someone else on the inside of that film has to be a serious knitting buff.  No spoilers but I’m glad we went!