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Fibre Garden’s Spin-In

Many thanks to my yarnie enabler, Joyja for the heads-up on the 1st spin-in at The Fibre Garden!  It is a still-very-new (4 months) store in Jordan Village just under an hour away.  Jordan is  in Niagara wine country & was bustling with people attending the “Not just Ice-Wine” festival.

I was excited to see a fiber-only store.  This place is ridiculous!  Not only have John & Alan stocked their store beautifully but the atmosphere is perfect.  It’s in an old home on the village’s Main Street.  If that didn’t charm the heck out of me then their shepherd-mix, Rusty did!  There are skeins upon skeins of hand-spun, hand-dyed yarns.  Then you see the shelves and baskets of rovings – not just commercial-prep!    I made off with this 120 g of cream Blue-faced Leichester (BFL):

Loved the selection of those breed-specific wools!  They have wheels, spindles and some prep tools.  It’s ridiculous!

The spin-in was such a great experience.  We had good lighting, and plus me there were 6 wheel spinners.  Everyone was warm, and there was a great range of skills in the room.  I wasn’t the only beginner but there were professionals too.  People were so generous – 1 gentleman actually presented me with a low-whorl spindle!  I have wanted to learn how to low-whorl & now I can!  Together with the Grafton Mala that I bought, I doubled my spindle collection in 1 fell swoop!

The Mala (in front) is tulipwood, and is in the same weight-range as my Kundert.  I started to spin the BFL on the Mala, yesterday.  It’s not as fast as the Kundert but has quite a smooth spin.  The low-whorl is the big one in the back.   Its whorl needs a little stabilizing, I think.  I have figured out a half-hitch & am experimenting with small bowls I have sitting around the house.

I also briefly helped StitchStud learn to use a top-whorl.  He’s a life-long low-whorler, and was getting the hang of it when I had to dash out again.  I would seriously love to teach spindling to folks, and am motivated to find a teacher myself.

To sum up… The Fibre Garden = an indoors fibre festival!

p.s. Knittyvankat may just be swaying me in the direction of a Kromski Sonata.  Hers was gorgeous.